Teacher Training_CLIL

Hrs per week:
15 (All Year Round)

Intermediate to Advanced


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We offer 4 key teacher training programmes, which cover methodology, refresher English, CLIL, and innovation in teaching. Elements of all these programmes can be combined on request.

  1. Teaching Methodology
    This course looks at the principles of English language teaching methodology. Each session employs current language teaching methodology to reflect participants’ classroom practice and contains language instruction and pedagogic practice. Participants work with all four skills with particular emphasis on speaking and listening. It is a highly practical module and encourages discussion to explore and share ideas.
  1. Refresher English
    The aim of this course is to help you gain confidence in using the English language, and to refresh your knowledge of the grammatical structures and common vocabulary used in everyday language. This course is for all levels, and we try our best to meet the needs of every participant in the classroom.
  1. CLIL
    CLIL, or Content and Language Integrated Learning, is a popular methodology in schools across Europe, where teachers teach their subjects through the medium of English. Due to popular demand, we have developed this programme for non-native teachers of English. We take you through the key concepts linked to this methodology and give you an opportunity to demonstrate your skills! Participants may also take optional ‘refresher English’ modules along with this programme, to build confidence in using the required language and vocabulary.
  1. Innovative Teaching
    Flipped Classrooms – Modern Technology in the Classroom Flipped classrooms methodology is one which is becoming more popular due to the opportunities it creates for communication in the classroom. In this module we show you the practical applications of this methodology and look at recent research in this field.We also look at other technology available to teachers and how it can be effectively used in the language classroom. At the North West Academy, we use iPads in the classroom, and this is one of the topics which generates a wide range of ideas and debate. For us, the most important thing is to ensure modern technology works in our context, rather than using technology simply because it is available. This programme aims to examine the different contexts in which each teacher is working, and how new methodology can be applied to each situation.