Student Experience




“I worked in the NW Academy for a month and a half, and I enjoyed every single day and every single task, I definitely wish I could have stayed longer. The tasks, sometimes, were challenging but the staff always had my back. I’m not exaggerating when I say they have been like a family to me, and if I had something to say, they were there to listen, they treated me like I was one of them, and they thought my opinion was as important and valid as theirs. As for the work, it has been fun (really) and diverse, so there was absolutely no chance to get bored! 
I strongly believe that an experience at the North West Academy is a must for anybody who wants to go out of their environment and have the chance to meet new people and learn about other people’s customs and traditions.”

Lucia (Erasmus+ student, who took part in a work placement at the North West Academy)

“When I came back from Derry, I realized my English had improved. I think this happened thanks to the innovative ways to practice English at NWA. I really had fun watching films, doing interviews in Derry and society games to know new people!”

Marco (Summer school student)

“I really enjoyed my holiday at the North West Academy, because the school was very nice and the teachers too; besides I could meet new people and have fun!”

Davide (Summer school student)

“I could finally fulfill my dream about an English course and I’m very happy that I had it in such beautiful place, in cooperation with great people! Say, please, our teachers, that we are excited about everything we could learn and we really enjoyed communication with them.”

Livija (Erasmus+ partner)

“I really enjoyed attending the North West Academy because of the varied lessons. The teachers always tried to organise new activities to meet our tastes. I really appreciated that because we were able to learn more in an easier way.”

Huda (Erasmus+ student)