General English

Hrs per week:
15 (All Year Round)

Beginner to Advanced


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The North West Academy provides high quality English language courses for students of all levels. All courses include a variety of teaching techniques which allow students to develop and practise their English in a realistic context.

Our teachers are committed to students’ development and aim to help students improve their English as much as possible.

We offer teachers who:

  • Are friendly and professional
  • Are qualified and experienced in all areas of English Language teaching
  • Are enthusiastic and dedicated to getting the best out of their students
  • Have native English speaker competence

The North West Academy encourages ‘blended’ learning so all our courses incorporate the use of textbooks, DVDs, CD- ROMs, computer software and online study materials.

All courses include the following:

  • Placement test
  • Needs analysis (if applicable)
  • Study materials
  • Tutorials
  • Progress tests (if applicable)
  • Academic report
  • Certificate
  • Learning resources for independent study (books, audio-visuals, language learning software)

Course Overview

This course covers all areas of General English concentrating on improving students’ skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking. The lessons allow students to revise and practise the language they may already know while developing vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and social and idiomatic English. This course is the perfect way for students to practise their English in a supportive and encouraging environment.

Course Aims

  • Improve language skills in the four key areas of reading, writing, speaking and listening
  • Develop vocabulary
  • Improve pronunciation and fluency
  • Consolidate and extend key grammar areas
  • Improve English for everyday situations
  • Increase knowledge of British and Irish life and culture

Course Content

The General English course includes a variety of activities to encourage students to practise and improve their language skills.

Writing: improving writing skills for various situations.

Reading: developing reading skills and expanding vocabulary.

Listening: understanding spoken English in a variety of contexts.

Speaking: conversations and class discussions – developing and improving oral fluency and accuracy.

Pronunciation: students will be encouraged to improve their pronunciation throughout the course.

Grammar: reviewing and practising key points of grammar and usage.

Course Details

Lessons per week: 15 hours

Available: All year round

Duration: Minimum 1 week – No maximum Levels – All levels from beginners to advanced

Times of Classes: 9:30-12:30 OR 2:00-5:00

Non-Teaching Dates: The North-West Academy is open for the majority of public holidays. We will always endeavour to accommodate groups, whatever the time of year, and any loss of teaching hours will be compensated. Minimum Enrolment Age: 16+

Maximum Class Size: 15 (average 8-12)