Business English

Hrs per week:
15 (All Year Round)

Beginner to Advanced


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Our various Business English courses are designed to suit the various requirements of studying English for business purposes. Courses allow students to prepare for a variety of business situations and can be tailored to suit specific learner needs.

Topics include: formal and non-formal written communication (emailing, letter writing, note taking); telephoning; greeting clients; giving presentations; reading business texts; numerical information and basic statistics; meetings; making deals; negotiations; conferencing; common business expressions and idioms; diplomacy and etiquette; business customs and protocol; dealing with visitors; human resources; describing the company; marketing and advertising; reading and writing reports.   All our business courses include a pre- course needs analysis to identify specific learner needs. Minimum Class Size: 5 people.

Course Aims

  • Improve language skills in the four key areas of reading, writing, speaking and listening
  • Expand business vocabulary
  • Practise and prepare for many business functions
  • Appreciate international business customs
  • Build student confidence to deal with a variety of business situations

Course Content

The Business English courses includes a variety of activities to encourage students to progress as much as possible.

Writing: improving written communication skills.

Reading: developing reading skills and expanding vocabulary.

Listening: understanding spoken English in a variety of contexts.

Speaking: class discussions, role-plays, business meetings.

Pronunciation: students will be encouraged to work on their pronunciation throughout the course.

Business: preparing for many types of business tasks.

Idioms: learn to use common business expressions and idioms in the correct context

Course Details

Lessons per week: 15 hours

Available: All year round

Duration: Minimum 1 week

Times of Classes: 9:30-12:30 OR 2:00-5:00

Non-Teaching Dates: The North-West Academy is open for the majority of public holidays. We will always endeavour to accommodate groups, whatever the time of year, and any loss of teaching hours will be compensated. Minimum Enrolment Age: 16+

Maximum Class Size: 15

Minimum Class Size: 5